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Microarrays have been used for many applications in basic and clinical research. Using optimized standard operating procedures, Origen Labs provides RNA and DNA sample processing, microarray and data analysis services to meet the needs of most applications including drug discovery and development, bio-marker discovery, pathway analysis, pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomics, cytogenetics, etc.

We provide consultation to help you with the design of your gene expression studies with respect to number of replicates, time points, sample collection / preservation, RNA isolation and time frame.

Upon completion of your project, you will be presented a report in electronic format that includes:

  • All QC data generated throughout the project including Agilent Bioanalyzer RNA QC report
  • All gel electrophoresis images generated, (also provided in digital format)
  • Excel® workbook containing QC metrics for all arrays
  • A copy of all CEL files created
  • Affymetrix outputs in DTT or XML for import into Affymetrix® software

Please contact us directly to obtain information on submission guidelines, service agreement and quotation before submitting your samples.


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