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In our efforts to provide you with high quality microarray data, we utilize optimized protocols and operate to GLP standards. Our laboratory staffs are trained to conduct the latest assays at Affymetrix laboratories or through our own in-house training programme under the guidance of experienced operators.

Quality Control
In microarray studies, the generation of good quality data is dependent on the quality of the nucleic acid starting material. It is well known that the quality of gene expression data deteriorates with increasing degradation of RNA samples. Therefore it is important to accurately determine the quality of starting material before any further processing.

Any nucleic acid sample sent to Origen Labs or isolated in our laboratory for microarray analysis is first checked for quality using spectrophotometric methods to determine concentration and purity. RNA samples are checked using an Agilent Bioanalyzer to determine the quality of the sample via the RNA Integrity Number (RIN). Genomic DNA samples are analysed using agarose gel electrophoresis to determine the state of the sample.

Throughout sample processing we implement various QC metrics to determine assay performance . Various performance metrics are also applied to the final array data to determine the overall quality of data.

RNA isolated from FFPE samples is usually degraded and we use other quality control measures to determine the suitability of these samples for microarray analysis.

All the QC data for each sample is provided to customers and if any sample does not pass our initial QC metrics you will be contacted to discuss the problem and how to proceed.

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