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Origen Laboratories enters strategic partnership with Biopolis Shared Facilities of the Biomedical Sciences Institutes, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) to provide microarray based services.

SINGAPORE -- (May 28 2009) – Origen Laboratories, Pte. Ltd. (“Origen Labs”) announced today the signing of a partnership with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (“A*STAR”) and the Biopolis Shared Facilities (“BSF”). The partnership will focus on providing A*Star funded researchers a cost-effective solution and improved workflows for performing microarray-based experiments. BSF will refer researchers to Origen Labs if they require gene expression and genotyping processing services as part of their research projects.

The services covered under this agreement include those for human gene expression analysis which utilizes the Affymetrix® GeneChip® Human U133 Plus 2.0 and 1.0ST arrays. Origen Labs will also provide access to its genotyping services which leverage on the Affymetrix® GeneChip® SNP6 platform. This DNA microarray comprises over 1.8 million single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and copy number probes to allow researchers to interrogate the entire genome and associate these genetic alterations with disease and/or drug response.

“Having cost-effective options for outsourcing genomic experiments is a key need within the biomedical community, both here in Singapore and abroad”, said Dr. Thomas Murphy, Chief Scientific Officer and General Manager of Origen Labs. “These experiments, by their very nature, require costly instrumentation and unique technical expertise. Through an outsourcing model, researchers can gain unique insight to their biological questions at a fraction of the cost. In this respect, Origen Labs’ services are complementary to the mission of BSF which is to provide avenues for researchers to access these types of cutting-edge technologies.”

“At BSF we constantly strive to provide cost competitive services to our customers. We do this by working with partners with demonstrated leadership both in technology and cost to complement the suite of services that we offer to our customers. This tie-up with Origen Labs is an excellent example where BSF leverages on Origen Labs’ leadership in the Affymetrix platform to complement our current services that we offer to our customers,” said Dr. Manjeet Singh, Deputy Director BSF.

Signing Ceremony

For additional information on Origen Labs services provided with Biopolis Shared Facilities, contact Ms. Grace Wong or visit www.origenlabs.com, or Mr. Sean Koh, business development manager at BSF (sean_koh@bsf.a-star.edu.sg).
Affymetrix® is a registered trademark by Affymetrix, Inc, USA.
GeneChip® is a registered trademark by Affymetrix, Inc, USA.

ABOUT Origen Labs - Origen Laboratories Pte Ltd, founded in 2007 in Singapore, is a privately held company providing laboratory services and solutions to academic researchers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Origen Labs offers clients a range of laboratories services including Affymetrix® microarray processing, cell growth and expansion services, and mycoplasma testing. Origen Labs is an authorized Affymetrix® service provider.

ABOUT Biopolis Shared Facilities – The Biopolis Shared Facilities (BSF) was established by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in August 2004 to support the R&D needs of the biomedical scientific community.
BSF occupies a 7,000 sqm purpose-built facility and provides research support and scientific services. Through centralization of the services, BSF seeks to maximize usage of the key scientific equipment as well as support services. This centralization also brings convenience and savings to our customers. Most importantly, BSF promises Professional, Friendly and Prompt service to all customers.

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